Are there any tried and true success factors in stock market investing?

Investing in stocks is not as complicated as most people would have you believe. In fact, making money in the market can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow your financial security.

Our founder, David Hall, has been an active investor for most of his life. He has funded a commercial and residential real estate portfolio as well as a portfolio of businesses that he owns with his investing strategies. Click here to find out more about David and his strategies including why 99% of the information you hear is bad advice.

What do you need to know?

Intrinsic Value

How to Find the Real Value

The market value of a stock is never the “real” value of a stock. It is based on two psychological factors: greed and fear. In order to be successful, you have to be able to look for the hidden gems that the rest of the market hasn’t picked up on yet. Finding them is simpler than most people think.

Buy and Sell Triggers

Timing Purchases and Sales

You must know when to buy and when to sell. Too often, this is a guessing game for most people. Get rid of the fear and greed to make a profit. We often hear people saying “you can’t time the market.” While it’s true that nothing is perfect, there are indicators that tell us when a stock is about to go up or down.

Insider Trading

Insider Tracking

Most people think that insider trading is illegal. There is an illegal kind and one that is perfectly legal. Knowing what the people who are “in the know” doing gives us a huge indication of whether or not now is the time to look at a particular investment or not.

The biggest problem with the stock market…

By the time you see it show up on one of the news channels or “talking heads” shows, the market has already made corrections for it. In fact, those are almost always market reactive instead of market proactive.

Ever watched your portfolio do this?

It can definitely be an emotional rollercoaster! It’s not just money you’re losing. It’s years of your life…working hard, saving, and investing.

Market crash

There has to be a better way

Enter the Stock Value Screener:

Take a look at all the benefits you enjoy with membership. Enjoy!

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Unlimited Searches

Whether you need to look at a few stocks or a whole bunch is not a problem. With unlimited searches, you can search until your heart’s content.

Build Your Watchlist

When you find a good deal, put it on your watch list. Your watch list will keep track of everything you own and everything you’re interested in as well. Plus, your watch list will show you at a glance whether it’s still a good deal or not.

Are you a details buff? Each search will provide you with all the stats on a stock. You can get everything from EPS to how many shares are traded on an average day.

This proprietary formula uses a combination of both fundamentals and technical aspects of a stock to determine what the true value of a stock is. Profit is made in the margin between market value and true value.

There’s no more guessing. We’ll tell you if it’s a good deal or not. Each time you run a search, you’ll see “It’s on sale” or “It’s not on sale.”

Have you ever wondered what the people who control the company are doing with their shares? You can see all the buying and selling that’s going on. Prom CEOs to directors, you’ll see what’s happening.

Probably the most important part of owning stock is knowing when to buy and when to sell. We have created charts based on our founder, David Hall’s, methodologies that show you exactly that.


We’re not going to just throw you in. We have tutorials to walk you step-by-step through everything. The key lies in the simplicity, however. We have done most of the work so you don’t have to.

How Much Is It?

When we first started building the company, a lot of people told us that it would be huge and people would pay a lot of money for this. We got excited! That’s when our founder, David Hall, stepped in and said “I’m not building this for wealthy people. I’m doing it so EVERYONE can afford it and every person should have a fair shot at building their financial future.”

Because of this, we’ve set the price at only:

per month

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We've been on the program for almost 3 years now. Not only has it kept me from making some serious mistakes, it has also helped me increase my returns by 70% more than I was making before.

-Kevin Wood


I'm 62 and on disability after 2 heart attacks. Living on social security is hard. The only money I had was an inheritance from my father. After my broker lost most of it, I knew there had to be something different. Since starting here, not only have I beel able to increase my standard of living, I have also been building my portfolio as an inheriatnce for my children.

-Roger Hopkins

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