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Stock Data

In assessing stocks, it’s important to know what some of the company’s numbers are. Some of these statistics are used in determining the value of a stock as an investment. One of the most basic measures of a stock value involves the company’s earnings. When you buy a stock, you’re purchasing ownership in the company, […]

What’s That Stock Worth?

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What is Intrinsic Value for Stocks? Intrinsic value is the true value of a company using fundamental analysis. Intrinsic value includes everything from inventory to furniture and fixtures to the intangible things a company owns (trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc.). The thought here is that if a company were to be shut down and sold off […]

Spy on the Insider – Insider Trading

Insider Trading

Insider trading. There I said it. No, you’re not going to jail just for reading it… There are actually two types of insider trading: illegal and legal. Insider trading is defined as the buying or selling of a stock by someone who has access to material, nonpublic information about the stock. Insider trading is illegal […]

Trading Triggers

Trading Triggers

Stock trading triggers are a pretty simple concept, but they can be surprisingly hard to come by. The concept is that if you have a system that helps you make a profit in buying and selling stocks, you have triggers within that system that help you understand when you need to make a move. Almost […]